Our Goal

Imagine what daily life is like for a sick child. Besides living with the physical aches and pains of their illness, their life is made up of doctor appointments, daily or weekly visits to receive radiation or chemo, and a myriad of other obstacles they have to overcome. Many of these sick children come from homes where having all the comforts of a clean, therapeutic environment aren’t possible. MY HAPPY PLACE is answering that call. Our goal is to give qualifying sick children a place where they can heal and thrive. When a child has a comfortable bed of their own and is surrounded by their favorite colors, characters and personal items, they can get excited about life! There is no other place more sacred to a child then his/her bedroom. When they are tucked into bed at night with the covers up to their chin and receive a kiss on the forehead, all is right in their world. They feel safe. But many children we serve don’t even have a bed of their own. MY HAPPY PLACE gives sick children hope. Our goal is to put a smile on their face, aid in their healing process and in turn, help the entire family heal.

Mission Statement

We are a community based non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, comprised of volunteers dedicated to making a real difference in the life of a sick child and his/her family. We do so by providing qualifying recipients with a bedroom make-over, thus providing them with a fun, safe and therapeutic environment where they can thrive and heal.

We do this by working closely with the child and their family to design, redecorate and personalize a bedroom within the family’s home. We fill this space with items that are meaningful to the child and in a theme and colors of their choosing.  Our goal is to help as many sick children as possible, one child at a time, one community at a time. We believe that every child deserves their very own happy place.

Who We Serve

We serve qualifying children in Mason City, IA and a 30 mile radius.  We measure distance by a straight-line or “As The Crow Flies” calculator so that we can serve as many nearby communities as possible.