Amazing group of individuals coming together to change lives.
Change the life of a child, you can change the entire world.
Good humans are rare.  This group has some of the best

Katrina Perry

My Happy Place did an amazing job on Heather’s room.
It is so beautiful.  The colors are blended beautifully.  It is so organized and more her age.  This is a room she will love for years to come.  Thank you to everyone involved.  A huge thanks to Country Inn and Suites for their hospitality, and to Orange Leaf.  We haven’t made it there yet, but we will.  All the activities we were able to do while out of the house were lots of fun.  We posted pics of all the events she did throughout the weekend.  Thank you to all of you.  God bless you all.

Kendra Mennen

Most amazing people and the best organization around!
Your kindness and generosity extend much further than a room makeover; it ripples throughout the community as people become connected in the most meaningful ways.
We are blessed to be a part of the My Happy Place Family

Billie Jo Keith

You are special people to do this for kids.
I’m impressed with your creativity and generosity.
Thank you so much for what you did for Joseph and Sheree.
It was great

Jamie Trappe-Varner