Courtesy of KIMT:

MASON CITY, Iowa – Maybe you’ve already seen it in theaters — the new movie “Miracles from Heaven” is touching a local family more than most.

The Christian-based film is centered on a little girl with a terrible disease who gets saved in more ways than one.

It is making an impact for many who see it, especially one North Iowa girl who suffers from the same disease.

Twelve-year-old Heather Mennen suffers from a condition known as pseudo obstruction motility disorder. It affects her intestines, stomach, how her body absorbs and how things process through it.

“Heather was diagnosed when she was 10 months old. She had some dietary issues and was transported by life flight helicopter from North Iowa Mercy Medical to Iowa City because her body wasn’t absorbing anything,” her mother Kendra Mennen said.

She gets all of her sustenance through a feeding tube. Luckily, Heather’s health has progressed over the years.

“Heather has succeeded every expectations her doctors has set for her. She is currently not on a feeding tube anymore.”

Meanwhile, she fights through her symptoms and says faith and her family is the reason for it all.

“God helps me through it because I know that he’ll protect me. I know that he’s always been by my side and I know that I will be OK and then my mom helps me get through it, too, because she always tells me that it will be OK,” Heather said.

Her disease is similar to Annabel Beam’s, the character in the new Jennifer Garner movie, which is based on the true story of a family in Texas.

But fortunately, Heather’s condition hasn’t been as severe.

“So I say Heather, that’s our miracle that she didn’t have the pain and severity that can come with this condition and I’m so excited to see it and see another mother who’s going through the same thing I have and know that I’m not alone,” says Mennen.

Last year, Heather was given the room of her dreams by the local organization My Happy Place.