My Happy Flappers

My Happy Flappers FunraiserOver the past four years, My Happy Place has been able to touch the lives of over 40 sick children in the Mason City and surrounding area. We have brought joy, happiness, peace and comfort to many children suffering from an acute or terminal illness that would otherwise not be privileged to receive a total bedroom makeover. Our bedroom makeovers focus on the needs, dreams and desires of these children and their families. We encourage you to look up My Happy Place-Mason City on Facebook and to “Like” our page to see those who have benefited from our efforts.

If you have been a supporter of My Happy Place in the past, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and ask you to consider helping us again this year. If you are new to My Happy Place, we welcome you to our family. Our mission continues to carry on to make a child’s life a little better with the combined efforts of monetary supporters and faithful volunteers. Without all of you, none of this would be possible.

Come join us for a luxurious evening of dining, entertainment, communion with friends and fun. (See image above for details.)

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Can’t make it to our Gala? Please consider one of the following free will donations.

$500 — The Charleston

$250 — The Cake Walk

$100 — The Black Bottom

$50 — The Flea Hop

Other — The Roaring 20’s

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