Become A Volunteer

MHP is comprised of volunteers with the passion and drive to help make it a better place for the sick children of our community.  We need creative individuals in many aspects of the bedroom makeover.  The plans for a bedroom could include carpenters, seamstresses, electricians, carpet or floor layers, painters, crafters, or even offering to bring in food or baked goods for the people working.  While we always have a lead person assigned to each room, it takes a village of volunteers to pull it off.

If you’d like to donate of your time and talents and be a part of the MHP team, CLICK HERE


Several businesses provide on-going support of MHP by the service they provide or the financial donation they extend throughout the year.





Miller & Miller

Kaci Harper

furniture mattress outlet


Diamond Vogel

Best Western

News & Events

MHP Kids Today

The members of the My Happy Place family stay in touch after “reveal day.” Here are our latest updates from the families we’ve worked with.

Our MHP Families

All of the people involved with the bedroom makeovers become part of the MHP family. Thank you to everyone who makes these room transformations possible.

Spotlighting Our Sponsors

Every MHP makeover has a sponsor. Any person or business donating over $1000 becomes a sponsor on an upcoming bedroom.